Template Statement of Environmental Effects

Our main service that we provide is our statement of environmental effects reports for development applications but we have a lot of customers that have small developments and just need a basic statement of environmental effect template specific for their locality and their development type.

What is a statement of environmental effects?

A statement of environmental effects is a report that is required for every development application no matter how big or how small. Many people think that a statement of environmental effects is a report that details the impacts of the development on the natural environment. The use of the term “environment” instills a sense that the report only refers to the natural environment but the report is meant to deal with the impacts on the built environment as well as the natural environment. 

Purchase a template statement of environmental effects

Some Councils offer a pro forma statement of environmental effects for simple development applications but for those that don’t we are now offering statement of environmental effect template specific for the site zoning, development type and Council. Our pro forma templates cost $100 so you save $$$$ on our reports by doing it yourself. To obtain a template report please fill out the form below.

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