A change of land zoning proposed by Lake Macquarie council would open the door for medium-density housing in a large part of Windale.

In May 2019 Councillors voted to support a planning proposal that, if approved by the Department of Planning, would encourage medium-density housing in the walkable area between Windale and Mount Hutton shops, and enable expansion of the Windale shops.

The rezoning proposes the following changes to Windale zoning:

The area between the Windale and Mount Hutton shops 

Amend the Land Zone Map in the accessible area between the Mount Hutton and Windale shops from R2 Low Density Residential to R3 Medium Density Residential. This will create an additional 18.95 hectares of R3 zoned land. 

Land to be rezoned from R2 to R3, will have a corresponding increase to the: 

Impact of the rezoning

The rezoning will see the density of development increasing to allow for multi dwelling housing and residential flat buildings with a new height limit of 10m. The downside is for any landowners wanting to subdivide as the minimum lot size requirement is now doubling from 450sqm to 900sqm. Any land owners wanting to subdivide will need to look at lodging their development applications as soon as possible. 

Land across the road from the existing Windale Shops

Rezone land on the opposite side of Lake Street, across from the existing Windale shops from R3 Medium Density Residential to B1 Neighbourhood Centre. This will create an additional 0.72 hectares of B1 zone, compared to the existing 0.64 hectares of B1 zone at the Windale shops.

Land to be rezoned from R3 to B1 will change from having a minimum lot size of 900m2 to having no minimum lot size, which is consistent with the B1 zone elsewhere in the City.

All of the existing and proposed B1 land at the Windale shops will have an increase in the Height of Building Map from 10m to 13m, which is equivalent to a 3-storey building.

Impact of the rezoning

The area on Lake Street opposite the Windale local shops is currently zoned R2 which permits residential land uses such as dwellings, multi dwelling housing and will be rezoning to a B1 Zoning. This will limit the development potential for the existing dwellings beyond allowing the sale of these properties for the establishment of new commercial buildings with the allowance for shop top housing. 

Land off Yertala Close in the south of Windale 

Remove the Land Reservation Acquisition Map (LRA Map) from land near Frazer Creek and Croker Creek. 

Tidy up the zone boundaries and accompanying maps to reflect the existing use of the land and property boundaries, including: 

Impact of the zoning

The main change for the zone that will impact future development is the reduction of permissible land uses for sites that are currently R2. The E2 Zone limits dual occupancies to attached dual occupancies and does not allow for semi detached dwellings.

Land off Mulga Street and Munro Street

Tidy up the zone boundaries and accompanying maps to reflect the existing use of the land and property boundaries. This involves minor changes to the boundaries of the Land Zone Map so that the residential part of this block is zoned R3 Medium Density Residential and the open space drainage reserve is zoned RE1 Open Space. 

These changes will be accompanied by corresponding changes to the following maps: 


The rezoning will hopefully create a boom for the area with the introduction of a new town centre with shops and medium density developments. The next step in the process is to progress the planning proposal through the Gateway Process which will involve the planning proposal being on public exhibition. Residents should provide submissions to this document to ensure that the area is shaped for the benefit of the area and not land developers.

If you currently own a property in the Windale area feel free to contact us and we can assess what the impacts the proposed changes will have on your property.


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