Unapproved Works

One of our most frequent enquiries we receive are from clients that have built an addition on their house, or converted a garage into a granny flat without realising they need approval! We are brought onto the project when the stress is high and the thought of having to demolish the development is at the front of their mind. We help remove the stress by taking over the project and contacting Council on behalf of the client.

Notice of Intention to Serve an Order

Also known as “The big scary letter from Council”

Most of our clients contact us at the point that they have received a letter from the Council Compliance officer outlining that the development has no approval and needs to be demolished. 

This letter is a statutory letter that is part of a sequence of events that is required when Council officers are dealing with unapproved works. The letter usually has a time frame that everything needs to be done by and does not generally mention keeping the structure. The reason why their is no advice on how to retain the structure is because Council is generally not allowed to provide advice on how to get unapproved works approved.

How to get the unapproved development “Approved”

In the NSW Planning System there is no such thing as post construction development approvals so the process can be very complicated and often will vary depending on the type of development it was and the Council area you are dealing with. 

The most common path to “Approval” is to get the USE of the development approved through a development application and then have the structure certified for structural integrity and compliance with the Building Code of Australia through a Building Information Certificate.

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With expert experience in Local Government as well as the private sector, our town planners help get development approved. Below is a list of some of the development types we work with.

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