Wanting to know what you can do with your property?

One of the top 10 enquiries we receive is from future clients who are wanting to know what they can and can’t do on a particular property. Normally the client has an idea of what they would like to do ie. a dual occupancy or a multi dwelling housing complex, and other times it is from a property owner wanting to know if they could subdivide. During our initial phone conversation we offer some preliminary advice and where we feel it is beneficial for our client, we offer them the option of a Planning Feasibility Assessment, or what is referred to by other Planning Firms as a Preliminary Planning Assessment.

We have received many enquiries from future clients that have had these Preliminary Planning Assessments completed by another planning firm and have come to us as the information and quality of the document that was provided for the price was not sufficient. 

What is a Planning Feasibility Assessment?

Our Planning Feasibility Assessments are an assessment of the site against an idea of the client. This idea is often one of the following:

  1. Is my site suitable for Torrens Title Subdivision
  2. Can I get approval for a dual occupancy (duplex)?
  3. Is my site suitable for a multi-dwelling housing development (triplex or town house development)

Another common feasibility enquiry is from businesses or developers wanting to know where land is suitable for industrial development or for other large scale developments.

The feasibility assessment identifies whether the development is permissible under the Local Environmental Plan or any other relevant Environmental Planning Instrument, and whether there are any potential hazards or controls that may affect development.

Other Planning Firm’s Planning Feasibility Assessments

It has come to our attention recently that some other planning firms provide Planning Feasibility Assessments (referred to as Preliminary Planning Assessments) as if they were a mandatory document before undertaking any development.  The reports are targeted at unsure and uninformed “mum and dad” developers and take advantage of the client. These planning firms will often promote the report as the first step in obtaining approval, but  the resultant report that is provided is usually a cut and paste document from FREE government Planning resources such as NSW Planning Portal and the NSW Legislation website. The document does not provide clear options for the site or any physical planning assessment by the writer of the report. These reports often cost the client close to $2000!


What to Expert from Our Planning Feasibility Assessments

When you receive our Planning Feasibility Report for your property you will know exactly  whether you development is permissible and what the liklihood of approval from Council would be. That being said, the planning system is very subjective but our opinion is based on industry knowledge and research into other similar developments within the area.

It should be noted that the fee for our feasibility assessments is generally under $800 and provide a thorough assessment of the development potential for a site. Additionally we provide post feasibility services where we offer questions and advice in relation to the feasibility reports.

What to do next?

Before committing to a Preliminary Planning Assessment from a rival town planning firm please give us a call. We will let you know if one is required or if we can help you with a phone call or an email and save you money and time.

If you are wanting a Planning Feasibility Assessment then please contact us as well. We are always willing to help our clients achieve their development dreams!

Feel free to give us a call on 0432 848 467 or email us at admin@outlookplanningdevelopment.com.au 


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