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Northern Beaches best town planning firm! 

No one knows the Northern Beaches town planning more than Outlook Planning and Development with our Principal Planner having worked within the Northern Beaches Council. We have extensive experience in obtaining development applications approvals for developments with Northern Beaches Council. 

The Northern Beaches Council planning controls are complex with three different sets of Local Environmental Plans and Development control plans for the original three council areas (Warringah, Pittwater and Manly).

We have a wealth of local knowledge with our Principal Planner being born and raised on the Northern Beaches and spending the first six years of his career as a town planner for Pittwater Council.

We know the planning on the northern beaches better than any other consultants!

We know how the Council works and the processes and policies that can be the difference between an approval or a refusal. We have helped many of our clients on the Northern Beaches obtain development approval and know how to navigate the mega-council that is the Northern Beaches Council.

We also have a high degree of success with development objection letters for Development Applications with the Northern Beaches Council

Council Frustration?

Does the thought of dealing with Northern Beaches Council cause you anxiety? Are you sick of receiving different answers to the same question from Council? Remove your stress and get us to help!

Don't know where to start?

Development applications are complicated! Three different Council rules, countless documents required for a DA! There are so many documents listed and so much jargon that it can seem impossible! Get an expert to manage the process for you

In the right hands

Feel safe knowing your development is in the right hands. Our knowledge and experience with Northern Beaches Council allows us to get our clients their approvals faster saving them time and money.

The Best Town Planning Firm for the Northern Beaches

You should have the best town planners with local knowledge working for your development application! Our local experience and knowledge means that all of our Development Applications for the Northern Beaches Council have been approved!

The Variety of Developments on the Northern Beaches

The Northern Beaches Council was born due to an amalgamation of the three Northern Beaches Councils (Warringah Council, Pittwater Council and Manly Council) and now services the whole Northern Beaches. The area is characterised by its water views and is a highly sought out area of Sydney. The Northern Beaches is constantly changing and will continue to change as the once isolated area is becoming more accessible through new road networks. The new hospital at Frenchs Forest and the new tunnel will spark a great increase in development opportunities for the area and  has also helped the area and has put the Northern Beaches in the spotlight for developers and overseas investors. Current landowners are getting good returns from upscaling their sites from single dwellings to dual occupancies or more. 

Below are an example of common developments for the Northern Beaches.

Dwelling House

Our bread and butter is dwelling housesThe Northern Beaches is still a hot designation for new beautiful architecturally designed homes. We have helped many of our clients get the home of their dreams despite height limits and floor space ratio restrictions.

Multi Dwelling Houses

Why build 2 houses when you could build 4! Multi dwelling housing, also known as terrace housing or town houses, allows you to build multiple dwellings on the one lot and then subdivide through strata subdivision.

Shop Top Housing

The Northern Beaches has some great town centres filled with shops such as Dee Why, Mona Vale, Collaroy and Newport. We have helped our clients with their shop top project approvals.

Dual Occupancy

Dual occupancies are becoming common on the Northern Beaches particularly in the R1 and R3 zones with many of our Northern Beaches clients wanting to maximise on the development potential for their site. ​

Boarding Houses

Boarding Houses are very popular for developers on the Northern Beaches. The SEPP Affordable rental housing developers allow high density studio apartments for lower income residents. With new government changes imminent, developers are fast tracking their boarding house developments.


The northern Beaches is still ripe with larger lots left over from the generous subdivision patterns. Many of our clients are taking advantage of generous minimum lot sizes and subdividing their properties into two or more lots.

Change of Use

We commonly help our clients get approval for their new business premises. Whether it is a new trendy store on Manly Corso, a new restaurant in Avalon or a Boutique Beer Bar in Dee Why, we can help get your approval.

Rezoning - Planning Proposals

Sometimes our clients come to us with plans to rezone land to allow for better outcomes for their site. Whether it is turning rural land into residential or low density to high density.

Objection Letters

One of our most popular services for the Northern Beaches. View loss and privacy impacts are the biggest source of objection for all developments. Our objection letters are thorough and detailed and we have a good track record for refusal or at least forcing the developer to redesign for a better outcome.

Northern Beaches Council DA Approval

  • Experienced Town Planners

  • Development Application Experts

  • Servicing these Northern Beaches Suburbs

Allambie Heights, Avalon Beach, Balgowlah, Balgowlah Heights, Bayview, Beacon Hill, Belrose, Bilgola Beach, Bilgola Plateau, Brookvale, Church Point, Clareville, Clontarf, Coasters Retreat, Collaroy, Collaroy Plateau, Cottage Point, Cromer, Curl Curl, Currawong Beach, Davidson, Dee Why, Duffys Forest, Elanora Heights, Elvina Bay, Fairlight, Forestville, Frenchs Forest, Freshwater, Great Mackerel Beach, Ingleside, Killarney Heights, Lovett Bay, Manly, Manly Vale, McCarrs Creek, Manly, Morning Bay, Narrabeen, Narraweena, Newport, North Balgowlah, North Curl Curl, North Manly, North Narrabeen, Oxford Falls, Palm Beach, Queenscliff, Salt Pan Cove, Scotland Island, Seaforth, Terrey Hills, Warriewood, Whale Beach, Wheeler Heights

The Work We do!

We have a wealth of development knowledge combined with ex-local government experience that gives us the advantage of understanding the Council approval process and achieve positive results for our clients. With expert experience in Local Government as well as the private sector, our town planners help get development approved.  


Our experienced town planners can provide you with expert advice to help you with your development: We offer the following services:


Get us to provide you with the report you need to get the job done! We provide the following reports:

Approvals and Certifications

Let us help you obtain your approval! We provide the following approval services:

Let us help you with your development application for Northern Beaches Council

Why Choose Us?

Fast Development Application Approvals

Do it right the first time and have us handle your development application. Our statement of environmental effects are detailed and cover everything for your development saving time and money to get your approval.

Experts in our field 

We have extensive and broad experience in all types of town planning. Our Planners have Ex-Council experience and know the best way to get an approval.

Size Doesn’t Matter

No matter how small or how big your job is, we can help you. We work on small renovations to large subdivisions and residential flat buildings.

Out of the Box Thinking

Our experience and knowledge of the legislation allows us to come up with solutions to problem developments where others fail.

One Stop Shop

We have an extensive list of external consultants that we work with, such as surveyors, engineers and architects, and can find the best one for your project.


Our Town Planners have flexible working hours to help fit our clients needs. We are available for appointments 7 days a week when requested.

Competitive Flat Rate Prices

We offer highly competitive pricing and produce high quality reports. The majority of our quotes are flat rates so you know exactly how much our services will cost

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