Consultants for reports and plans for development applications

Below if a list of the various documents often required for development applications including a description of the document/plan and when it is required as well as a  list of some of the consultants that we have regularly worked with.


Site Plan

The site plan is a bird’s eye view of the proposed development and includes the following:

1.     the location, boundary dimensions, site area and north point of the land

2.     existing vegetation and trees on the land

3.     the location and uses of existing buildings on the land

4.     existing levels of the land in relation to buildings and roads

5.     the location and uses of buildings on sites adjoining the land.

Darius – Designer Buildings


ph: 0403 488 622


Prime Drafting


ph: 0412 488 133

Design Plus Drafting


ph: (02) 9565 2265


Pittwater Design


ph: 0422 050 001



Sally Taylor


ph: 0417 231 375


Floor Plans

Floor plans show the proposed development in relation to the existing and proposed floor plan of the development. Generally, any new works are shown in a separate colour on the plans and any demolition is shown in a red dashed line. The floor plans need to show dimensions of rooms and the building and MUST be to scale.


Elevation plans show the elevations of the development (generally one from each side). The elevations need to show the height of the development and should show any changes in a separate colour of shading to highlight the changes.

Section Plans

Section plans are similar to elevations but are a cross section of the development. Think of this as cutting into an apple and drawing the inside. Much like the elevations this needs to have dimensions and overall heights on the plans.

Sediment and erosion plans

These plans are plans that show how the development will handle any potential erosion or sediment as a result of the construction works.

Most draftsmen or architects can prepare this as part of their package.

Shadow Diagrams

Shadow diagrams show the shadow a development casts on both the subject site and neighbouring properties. The shadows are only measured on the winter solecist (June 21) at 9am, 12pm and 3pm. Shadow diagrams are normally prepared by the draftsman or architect.

See above

Survey Plan

The survey plan is done by a registered surveyor and is essential in certain Councils (particularly Sydney Councils). It is best to check with Council if a survey is required for your proposed development.


East West Surveyors


ph: 02 8386 2318


Stormwater management plan

Depending on the type of development this can be a simple plan showing where the stormwater will be dispersed of on the site and can be prepared by a draftsman or architect or for more complicated developments a stormwater engineer is required to prepare the plan. It is often best to check with Council as to what level is required.

CSEG Civil Engineering


PH: 7254 4870

Geotechnical report

Geotechnical reports are required where development occurs in geotechnical areas. The easiest way to find out whether a geotechnical report is required for a development application is to have a chat with the duty planner at Council to check.

Crozier Geotechnical Engineering Consultants


ph: (02) 9939 1882


Ascent Geo


ph: 9913 3179


BASIX report

BASIX reports are required for all new dwellings, alterations and additions to a dwelling over $50k and any swimming pool over 40,000L. The report is generally prepared by the draftsman or architect or can be prepared by a BASIX consultant if the project is a difficult one.

BASIX Certificate Centre


ph: 9029 2052


Bushfire Report

Bushfire reports are required when a site is located in a bushfire area. This can be checked through the planning certificate or by calling up Council and talking with the duty planner. The RFS provide a self assessment report for simple development applications otherwise for anything more complicated then it is worthwhile organising a bushfire consultant.

Bushfire Planning Services


ph: 9654 3228

Arborist Report

Arborist reports are required when a native tree is intended to be removed. The requirement for an arborist report depends on the Council your site is located within. Please check with Council as to whether an arborist report would be required for the tree removal.

Advanced Arborist Reporting


PH: 0423 498 942

Flood certificate

Where a development is located in a flood area a flood certificate and/or floor engineer report may be required. It is best to check with Council if a flood certificate is required.

GRC Hydro


Ph: 0413 631 447

Onsite Septic Management Report

Where town sewer is not available for a site a OSSM report is required. The report will highlight where the septic system should be located, the size of the system and any dispersion area required.

Broadcrest Consulting Pty Ltd

E: |

Ph: 1300 554 945

Flora and Fauna report

A flora and fauna report is a report that details the vegetation and animals of the area and how the proposed development may impact any habitats. A flora and fauna report is generally required if you are seeking to remove an extensive amount of vegetation for the site and particularly if your site is located in an ecological area. It is best to check with Council’s duty planner to find out if a flora and fauna report is required. Please note that these reports are normally only required on large lot sites and not standard residential lots.



Ph: 4940 4200

Landscape Plan

The landscape plan provides a plan of the planting and landscaping that is proposed for the development. This includes tree and plant species and any deep soil landscaped areas. Depending on the Council area will depend on whether a landscape plan is required and also the level of detail and/or expertise is required. It is best to check with Council if a landscape plan is required. Some draftsman and architects can do the landscape plan inhouse.

Formed Gardens


Ph: 0400 701 843

Waste Management Plan

This is a document that details where any construction/demolition waste will go throughout the development process. This can generally be done by either the draftsman/architect or by the planner.

We offer this in-house.

Traffic Impact Statement

A traffic impact statement is required for large developments where parking may be an issue. The report goes into detail on the area, road network and how parking and traffic is addressed as part of the development.



Ph: 9411 5660


Acoustic Report

Acoustic reports are required where there is a concern that a development will have an impact on the acoustic privacy of neighbouring properties or the community. The report assesses the base level of noise for the site and then determines what the expected noise of the development would be.

Reverb Consultants


Ph: 0411 538 423

Access Report

Access reports are required when disabled access is required for a development. Generally this is for commercial tenancies, childcare centres, tourist accommodation (large scale) or any other public buildings. Access reports are not required for dwellings!



Ph: 4943 3834


Other Consultants


Mortgage Broker

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Innovative Finance


Ph: 1800 325  157



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